"Loved by us first...for you...for life"
"Loved by us first...for you...for life"
Mai-Lings Kittens Are Here!

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MyBali Si Contract
Located in Kalamazoo, MI
I Prefer Not To Ship!

All Kittens are CFA Register
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Our Breeding Practices:
  • Kittens come with 2 sets of Vaccinations
  • Providing fresh food and water at all times
  • Checking Pedigree so as not to in line breed
  • Putting the health and comfort of our cats first
  • Providing a clean, yet relaxed home environment
  • Providing a social underfoot raising of each kitten
  • Honorable dealings with fellow Breeders and Clients
  • A sufficient resting time between breedings for Queens
  • Spay and care for our retired breeders as our much-loved pets
Website updated: 4/09/18