"Loved by us first...for you...for life"
MyBali Si Moe
RETIRING By The End Of 2017!
Moe, a Seal Point Balinese long hair  
He has a very loving personality.
Depending on who I breed
Moe with, he has the
potential of throwing Seals,
Chocolates,Blues, Lilacs,
Tortes and Red Points.
All his kittens are Balinese,
some long hair, and some short hair.
Providing fresh food and water at all times
•Checking Pedigree so as not to in line breed
•Putting the health and comfort of our cats first
•Providing a clean, yet relaxed home environment
•Providing a social underfoot raising of each kitten
•Honorable dealings with fellow Breeders and Clients
•A sufficient resting time between breedings for Queens
•Spay and care for our retired breeders as our much-loved pets
Our Breeding Practices: