I thought I would let you know what a delight Sophia is.  She has really mended our hearts after the loss of our previous cat.  She has
    doubled in size and weight in 2 short weeks.  She is adjusting really well.  She is very sweet and likes to be around us when we are around.  
    Does not seem to have a problem when we leave her for several hours during the day..  Loves to play with balls,  string, and small cat toys.  
    She is still getting used to the house.  Thanks heavens she has no interest in going outside as of yet.  It has been so nice to work with you and
    we are so pleased with our new addition.
    Laura and John
    I knew when I first talked to you that you would love my baby.  I'm so glad it's working out for you!
    Hi Pat,
    It's been a long time since we communicated. Today it's our "baby" Kitten first birthday. She is named Jane after Jane Austin and its a
    beautiful strong personality kitten. She is very sweet and super talkative. I wanted to share with you some recent pictures! We love her so
    Warm regards,
    I am so happy to give "Jane" a forever home with you!
     Hi Patty! Jinxy was sweet and fun for the first couple days. Now she is totally over the top! She is so affectionate and so sweet! Talks up a
    a storm after a nap and wants to be snuggled. She loves to sleep on my chest when I'm in the lazyboy chair. She is very playful and funny,
    but will flop over right in the middle of a play session to get her chin and tummy rubbed. She follows our dog around and is actively pursuing
    a relationship with her. They are starting to share toys which is very cute. Our dog is small so cat and dog toys are interchangeable. She was
    2lbs 6 oz at the vet and checked out good. She is eating and drinking well and uses her litter box. I'll try to send you a picture, but my Internet
    is behaving badly today. I'll send a 2nd email to be safe. Thanks for checking in! I'll send an update again.
    It sounds like she found "Home Sweet Home" in a short amount of time!  Thank you for the update!  Patty
    Just wanted to send you an update on the 17 wk old Balinese kitten we adopted from you this past December.  The kitten
    was for my son Julien, but my husband was allergic to cats.  You put "Preston" right on my husbands chest as soon as we
    got there, as he was the one that would make or break the deal.  I felt you may have also been a little concerned that we
    were taking our new fur baby home to our other fur baby who happened to be a pit bull.
    The update is that Preston is perfect!  Even my husband thinks he is really cool!  No allergic reaction to this kitty!  He is
    very playful and affectionate!  Follows my son to bed at night, comes when we call him.  And he is best friends with our pit
    bull Stella!  They cuddle with each other constantly and Stella keeps Preston's ears clean as a whistle!  Preston and Stella
    greet us at the door together when we come home.  He has been a great addition to our family!  And he has never gone to
    the bathroom outside of his litter box!!  Just wanted to say thank you!
    Thank you Rebecca for this wonderful update!  I'm so glad that Preston found his forever home!  Patty
    Good morning Patty
    We just celebrated Alia's fourth birthday a month ago and she continues to be a source of  love and absolute delight in our
    lives. She is the sweetest, most perfect cat we could ever hope for and we truly cannot thank you enough!
    Alia is quite a creature of habit and amazingly intelligent. She is sweet and very affectionate and has developed her daily
    routine to spend one-on-one time with each of us in very different ways. For example, she sleeps next to me in bed each
    night and loves our middle of the night kiss, cuddle and purr sessions. She also loves to come downstairs in the morning to
    'help' me exercise, hopping on top of the treadmill or exercise bike screens where she perches and ever so gently paws at
    my face and nuzzles me while purring loudly.
    But in the evening, she's all about spending time with her daddy. She prefers my husband's lap for watching TV and looks
    forward to playing their favorite stick toy game before bedtime every night. Even though I've tried to play the same game
    with her during the day, she refuses. This is clearly 'daddy time' and something that they share exclusively.
    She and our dog are still the very best of friends and follow each other around the house jockeying for attention and cuddle
    positions with us. Best of all, after three years avoiding her, our elderly cat has finally been won over by Alia and the two
    actually get along quite well these days, even "lumping" under the bedspread together for an afternoon siesta.
    Thank you for the new update Sue!  You can read more of her updates below.
    Good Afternoon Patty,
    My name is Geoff ____. My wife and I recently bought two of your older kittens about a month and a half ago. My wife and
    I jsut want to update you on how things have been going.
    First, having the addition of two kittens has definitely changed our lives. For the better of course :) The older one is named
    Natalie and her personality is very queen like. Very regal. The younger one is Sadie. She is very energetic at times and
    always is willing to play. Both kittens have each other to keep themselves busy or warm when we are not at home. It is a
    blast watching them run around and play hide and seek with eachother. We love playing with them as well. We have a
    handful of different toys from fake mice all the way to feathered cat poles. I have attached some pictures for you at the
    bottom of the email.
    Second, they are growing more fond of my wife and I as each day passes. They haven't reached the lap phase yet but they
    do enjoy following us around the apartment and sleeping on our bed with us. The kittens are enjoying being pet more and
    Third, we have gotten into the routine of having grain free dry food from Blue Buffalo available 24/7 in their bowl. We
    offer Royal Canin wet food for breakfast and Dinner which they really enjoy  The kittens also drink a good amount of
    water. I am proud to say that we have not had a hair ball being yacked up yet.
    Lastly, the kittens are both healthy and doing fine. We will be taking them to our vet to get spayed on Monday morning
    and we will be able to pick them up the same day. We are happy about that because we did not want our baby girls to have
    to stay at the vet overnight.
    Thank you for our baby girls! They have really brightened up our lives  :-)
    Geoff and Sarah
    Thank you so much for the wonderful update.  Oh but a life in the home of 2 kitties!
    Hi Patty. Just wanted to let you know that Eva (we decided on a name!) is doing wonderfully!! She is just the sweetest
    thing! Snuggles up to all of us and loves to play with her toys. She is eating well and has used the litter box every time
    (thank you for that!!!). She did great at the vet too. The vet agreed with you about the rabies and leukemia vaccines.
    It's just been such a wonderful experience, from first emailing you to the last few days. That you for everything!
    Jutta, it was my pleasure.  I'm so happy to give Eva a wonderful, loving home!  Patty

    Hi Patty, The kids have been wanting me to send you another update on Eva to tell you how much she has grown and
    every cute and funny thing she has done.  This email would be too long if I did that  :) although she is a whopping 3.3
    pounds!  But I wanted to send you a letter after something that happened last night just to tell you how special your cats
    are. My 9 year old had a rough 1st day of school yesterday and came home upset, hot, and tired. In the evening, he had a
    bad headache and went to bed early. Eva followed him to bed and wouldn't leave his bedside.  When we did our traditional
    kitty good night kiss, Eva put both paws on his face and kept kissing his cheeks. I've never seen her give so many kisses.
    My son was so happy he had tears in his eyes. She totally changed his day around, and this morning he went to school with
    a smile. You have done a remarkable job with your cats, and I'm sure your other ones are just as special as Eva.  I just
    can't thank you enough!  Jutta
    My son is doing well so far with his allergies. It's been a little hard to tell because he's had a nasty cold this past week. I
    had the vet give our kitty his shot because he's so tiny and sweet, I couldn't bring myself to do it!!! But, it's done and the
    vet said he looks very healthy and all is good! :)
    We absolutely adore this little guy- my son has named him Tesla (after the scientist), or we call him Mr. T. He is a very
    well behaved boy. No problems at all!!  He is calm and playful and loves to snuggle. I'll attach some more pics for you. He
    is beautiful! Thanks again for everything! We love him so much!
    What a good choice you made for your forever companion!  He will no doubt bring you many years of Joy!  Patty
    Hi Patty, it's Adrienne from Tempe, AZ, remember me? I thought it was high time I sent you pictures of the little furball I
    got from you in 2013... I'm sure you remember, but just in case, I'm the one who was looking for a blue point male that
    was more like the classic type Balinese, rather than Apple head, but I fell in love with Saki's screaming tantrum photos...
    I love this guy to DEATH! He grew big pretty fast... He just had his second birthday May 6th... He weighs at LEAST 10
    lbs! I had to get another kitty about his age a few months after getting him, because he was driving poor Howlie crazy! I
    found a male black and white American Bobtail that was close to his age... he's very similar to a cat we used to have
    named Buzz. Jerry loved him a lot. He died suddenly in 2011, probably cardiomyopathy and Jerry missed him terribly, so I
    thought it would be good to try to find one like him. I found one named Ricky, at a rescue in Houston TX, and I flew there
    and got him and flew home, lol.
    He and Saki have been great buddies. Funny thing is, Howlie took to him much better, and would tolerate his rough play
    but not Saki's! In fact, Howlie is just lately beginning to let Saki groom him and cuddle next to him instead of hiding and
    walking away!
    I'm convinced that Saki is the reincarnation of my precious Spidey, that I lost to kidney stones in March of 2013... Within
    two weeks of being with me, Saki was calling me "mama", the same way Spidey had, but it took years for Spidey to develop
    his vocabulary... Saki and I have been having conversations almost since I first got him, like Spidey and I did. And one by
    one, Saki did one Spidey-ism after another. The most interesting was that in the few weeks before Spidey left me, he did
    something he'd never done before... I woke up in the night to find him wrapped around the top of my head. When Saki
    began to sleep in bed rather than under it, his preferred place was wrapped around my head, the same way. It was like
    Spidey showed me what to look for!
    Anyway, even Jerry is amazed at how Saki communicates... he knows what "no" means, and like Spidey, we can talk him
    down from doing things he's not supposed to, like jumping up on the parrot's cage or up on a shelf of breakable things. He
    looks longingly, but if we say no, he is obedient. Spidey was the same... He'd want to jump on my mom and dad's cat, and
    I could keep him from it by just telling him no. Saki gets into mischief, like starting to get into the dishwasher, and if I
    catch him and scold him, he quickly backs out with a sound that seems to say "okay, I know, I'm out!" He makes us laugh.
    He is so beautiful, and his face is the most expressive I've ever seen.
    Anyway, I didn't mean to go on and on, but I wanted to give you a feel for how much we love him.
    We moved to Texas last fall, a better job for Jerry... Near Dallas. It was ironic, bringing Ricky back to his home state! Let
    me know how you and your kitties are!
    Warmest regards,,
    Oh yes, I certainly remember you!  I love to hear from everyone who wantsto tell me stories about my kitties!  Thank you
    so much for being there for Saki!
    Dear Patty,
    Today marks our darling Alia's 3rd birthday. Even though it is early morning she has already been serenaded with multiple
    choruses of "happy birthday" and we plan to make the day extra special for her with gifts and lots more pampering.
    Patty, I know that for you, Alia is just one of the many gorgeous Balinese kittens that you have placed for adoption over
    the years but to us she is quite simply extraordinary and one in a million! I cannot begin to adequately describe her in just
    a few sentences and sadly, her photos below don't do justice to her gorgeous appearance, but take my word for it- she is
    truly amazing!!
    You have provided us with a Balinese who is unbelievably sweet, loving, affectionate, intelligent and a superior athlete.
    Best of all, she gets along brilliantly with our Papillion, Sassy, and although it took quite awhile, she eventually won over
    our older Siamese, Serena.
    In short, she completed our family and has brought so much love and laughter into our home. I simply cannot imagine our
    life without her.
    Alia is not only athletic, she is also completely fearless when it comes to heights. She thinks nothing of rapidly making her
    way across our kitchen by jumping to the top of our ceiling high kitchen cabinets and using it as an agility course by
    jumping across the archway from one side to the other, completing the circuit and then back again.
    But that was nothing compared to the heart stopping sight of her balancing on a thin wooden stair railing overlooking our
    second story foyer. She thinks absolutely nothing of balancing all four paws on the thinnest of margins and then actually
    plays with the tip of her tail or turns around so that her perch is even more precarious.
    Fortunately she will come down when we call her but she is truly fearless - except when the doorbell rings or the vacuum
    cleaner is running. Then, both she and Serena run and "lump"  under the covers.
    But except for nap time and the above odd instances, she likes nothing more than spending time cuddling with us or sitting
    in our lap. She will spend hours curled up in my husband's lap while he watches TV or works on his laptop but she sleeps
    with me most of the time - either on top of me or curled up in my arms under the covers.
    She also loves nothing more than being brushed with a comb or a lint roller. This is her special "spa time" and she loves the
    feel of it on her coat.
    Patty, thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for giving us such a wonderful precious kitten,
    Hi Sue.  What a wonderful note from you on this Easter morning!  I am so glad you have fallen in love with Alia and
    given her the home I can only hope that all my babies get.  Thank you for your pictures and story.  Thank you for loving
    Violet is getting real comfortable now. She is lounging on the couch and playing lots with Ryan. So cute! Ryan is learning
    to let her have some distance, he wants to smother her with attention! He said things that make us laugh, "awe she is so
    cute, that I think I might explode", "I love her so much, she's my baby", "good thing you want to sleep mommy because vi
    vi (violet) and I partied all nigh together" and "come here vi vi, I love you".  
    It is so nice to hear that even though she has just been with you 4 days, she is already ajdusting, Patty
    Hi Patty.
    This note is late in coming but I've kept your inbox full of pictures and videos.
    Having been Balinese owners for over 14 years Prudence and Delilah have been a wonderful addition to our home.  
    We were a little apprehensive as to how our senior Bali Gemma would adapt. It was almost a seamless transition once
    Gemma laid down the law.   
    Both Prudence and Delilah were well adjusted kittens who weathered the long flight here very well.  Each has a different
    personality but both are very loving and are people friendly, coming to greet our company and mingle.  They love being
    brushed as all you have to say is "who wants to brushed" and they all come a trotting waving their glorious tails like flags.  
    They also don't mind having their nails trimmed which I do every two weeks, this I started the first week they were here.
    Your dedication to raising such well cared for and loved kittens goes without saying. Your compassion for helping my son
    Jason and his wife Laura after the tragic loss of their beloved Balinese Athena goes without saying.  Their Kalliope is just
    beautiful and helped fill the void in their hearts.
    To any one who may read this, be assured that if you purchase one of Patty's babies you will be getting a wonderful kitten
    who is hand raised and loved. We are honored that you have entrusted us with two of your precious babies.
    Laura Lee and Ralph Fiore
    What a lovely testimonie about your babies.  I know they have a good home forever!  Thank you so much for your love!
    We love Sprinkles!   I chose the Balinese breed for its hypoallergenic qualities since my husband is allergic to cats.  She
    mildly irritated his allergies for the first couple of months, yet he's been comfortable since then.  Every morning she sits by
    the fridge and reminds us that she gets soft food for breakfast.  Sprinkles is very social and loves to sit on laps, but isn't
    talkative.  She is very sneaky too.  She will hide under the bed and jump out to get you while you walk passed.  She is also
    aware of where my husband doesn't allow her to go and will creep around.  Sprinkles favorite 'toys' are hair bands!  I kept
    noticing them on the floor downstairs and caught her taking them out of my nightstand.  She is so stealth that she has
    caught flies in the house too! I did not declaw her.  As a kitten I used soft claws.  I haven't replaced them and she's doing
    just fine behaving without them.  My three and five year old daughters love her!
    Thank you for your encouraging e-mail about your Sprinkles!  You have a beautiful cat!
    Hi Patty,  thought I would just give you an update on our cat that we got from you in February . CoCo is a great cat
    companion, she is very gentle and the kids love her. She is a very lovable lap cat, especially in the evenings when I am still
    the only one up. Thanks again for the wonderful kitten. I will include some pictures.
    Joel Dieleman
    Thanks Joel.  It's good to know that CoCo found a forever home!
    Hi Patty! I’m attaching a bunch of pictures of my beautiful Toad! I just wanted to say thank you so much for giving me
    my little partner in crime. Toad is the joy of my household. He keeps up very well with my roommates and me and is
    always found either snuggling up on someone or sleeping in whatever boxes or bags he finds around the house! He’s still as
    soft as can be and is very well mannered. He sleeps snugly on my head every night. I’ve never had a cat that was as social
    as he is! Toad follows me everywhere I go and waits by the door for people to come home everyday. He’s about four
    months old now and I can’t wait to see how gorgeous he grows up to be! He’s been trained to walk on a leash already, and
    although he’s not allowed outside he’s about to take a trip with me to North Carolina to enjoy the cabin life for a few
    weeks. Thank you again for everything you did to help me receive my friend! Hope you enjoy the pictures :)  
    Best, Karri
    It sounds like you have a friend for life!  Thank you for your encouraging update!  Patty
    Kathi writes:  Hey Patty I thought that I would send you an update of Fynn who is now just over a year old.   He has
    changed so much in his looks.  I can't believe how beautiful he has become ....
    Fynn has been a great friend and super loving companion for my children. Very talkative and always looking for
    something to get In to:) Sawyer is a little more reserved and more of a one person cat! That person being my son! They
    pretty much inseparable ! He is totally the look out man and let's is know when someone is approaching the house or
    porch. They have been an amazing addition to our family and hope to add a sister sometime in the future !
    How wonderful for Fynn and Sawyer!  I will be looking forward to the future adoption of a little girl for you!
    Hi Patti,
    Just wanted to give you an update on our sweet little Zoe.  She has her first vet appointment today.  She is EXACTLY
    everything you said she’d be.  She is just precious…loving to all with the sweetest personality.  She loves to play and
    snuggle exactly what we wanted!
    Thank you again!!!! Susan
    I am so glad.  I'm sure she will bring you a lifetime of joy!  Thank you!  Patty
    From the second my wife and I picked Kalliope up at the airport, we knew she was going to be very special.  When we got
    her home, she was extremely people friendly right out of the gate, even after having to take two plane rides to reach her
    new home.  Immediately, she got along with her new best buddy, Si-Rah,  and has seamlessly acclimated herself into our
    household.  She is the sweetest little Chocolate Point kitten and as you can see in the attached pictures, she is growing up
    quite fast.  While she will never replace my other Balinese girl who sadly passed away last year, she certainly makes it
    much easier to cope with the loss.  We can’t thank you enough for your caring and kindness toward our specific situation,
    and for raising such well adjusted cats along with entrusting us with one of your precious babies.
    Jason & Laura
    Thank you for the kind words you have for Kalliope.  I loved having her until she went to your loving forever home!
    Hi Patty,
    Just wanted to shoot you an email about the babies progress.  They had their first vet check on Monday and everyone there
    loved them.  All is well with them and they are growing so fast.  I told my husband this is a bad thing because I could just
    sit and watch them for hours.  They have met Toulose and they seem to love him.  Toulose was a little scared at first but
    now he licks Fletcher's nose.  Lol.... The little guy is such a character...He loves to explore but Fletcher, the seal point is
    quieter and such a gentleman....He cracks me up!  I told Rick that I am going to have to start saving my pennies now
    because I would love to get another one next year when you breed again.  They are simply precious. The dogs seemed to
    like them but they are not so keen on the dogs so we keep introducing them slowly.  I am sure that is because they weren't
    raised with dogs.  My niece got a new kitten 6 months ago and she told me it took a while for her kitten to adjust to their
    dog Jed so I imagine in another few weeks everyone will be living harmoniously.  Rally the little blue point now weighs 3
    lbs. and Fletcher weighs 41/2.  They are constantly purring!  Fletcher is very quiet other than the purring but Rally is very
    talkative.  We absolutely love them and can't thank you enough!!!!
    Talk to you soon!
    Thank you Laura for the update.  I will be looking forward to more in the future!  Patty
    Hi Patty,
    Well, I wanted to write to you now that we have had Blueberrie several weeks.  We totally love him. He is by far the most
    interactive cat we have had. He is growing and growing.  He weighed 2# 9ounces when we got him at 11 1/2 weeks.  He is
    now 21 weeks and weighs 6# 6 1/2 ounces. I am attaching a picture.  He is laying on a new baby afghan I just made for our
    almost born newest granddaughter.  He greets us when we come home from places. He lies by my head and purrs several
    minutes shortly after we go to bed. He then goes to the foot of the bed and sleeps by our 4 year old Maine Coon, Rainbow.  
    Rainbow used to be kinda aloof, but now that she has adjusted to Blueberrie, she seems much happier. They play together
    a lot.
    We also call him Blue Bear because my husband says it is more of a boy name. His fur is so silky soft and his eyes very
    bright blue. His fur has gotten longer and the way you described that you anticipated him to look seems to be just how he
    is turning out. He is definitely a clown in cat breeds. He is always trying to do something new. He is fun and lovable and
    we are so glad for your through description and help in telling us about the Balinese Breed.
    Thank you so much for taking Blueberrie to live with you.  He sounds like he is enjoying his life!  Please see
    Blueberrie on the  link above.
    I just want to update you on Miss Princess Luna. She is getting so big!!! I love her so much. She is the most affectionate
    kitty ever. She’s so intelligent too. She follows me everywhere I go and is always looking for attention and love which I
    always give her. I spoil her so much! She’s like my little baby. And my son is so gentle with her. He loves to pet her. I
    attached a picture that I took of her yesterday. Happy holidays to you and your loved ones!!!  Alex
    ...I hope you are doing well. Luna is getting bigger each day. She is just adorable. She loves my fiancé! I think it is
    because your son handled her so much as newborn kitty. Although she follows me everywhere when he’s not around. Then
    she becomes a mommy’s girl :)
    It sounds like Luna is getting the Princess treatment.  Thank you for loving her!   Please see Luna on the  link above.

    Patty: You are amazing and I thank God I found you and that you gave us Violet. I wanted to keep calling you all night, especially at 5AM
    this morning...I feel like I am going to burst from excitement so I will write you instead of phoning.
    We navigated through the airport and found the place to pick her up. We saw two cages with "live animals" on them and I told the man that
    we were here to pick up our kitty. He pointed to her cage and said "this is your kitty". I was confused how he knew that was our kitty since
    there were two cages and when I asked him how he knew he said the other one was a dog, hahahaha! He asked for ID...I left my purse in
    the car and thank God you had John's name on the ticket also because he had his wallet :)
    He put her up on the high counter and John and I admired her. He cut off the zip ties and I told him that our breeder recommended we wait
    to hold her until we get in the car but I want to hold her now. He said please don't open the cage, that someone else did that to him and they
    had to chase the cat all through the airport to catch them....I decided to take your advice and wait until we got in the car, although it was the
    longest walk through the airport, in the elevator and to the car.
    There was a woman that worked there, too. She asked me if I had a name and I told her Violet. She loved the name and admired Violet with
    us and I started crying as I was so overwhelmed with joy that I finally have her...the woman looked at me and asked "is this your first
    She was a purring angel on the ride home. She sat in my lap in the back of our car, was totally calm and purred and mewed. She did use the
    litter box but had no desire to eat. (She didn't go to the bathroom in her cage during travel) After a while we both climbed in the front seat
    because John felt left out. Then she went to him in his lap and loved on him. John was so impressed at how well she did in the car.
    When we got home, we introduced her to Magnus. Magnus hissed at her and wasn't too sure about her....Violet was unaffected and just
    explored around our home very comfortably...John and I decided to sleep in the living room since it was neutral territory and just let them get
    used to each other. At 3AM they started chasing each other and by 5AM they were interacting without Magnus hissing. It looks like they
    will be BFF's as we think Magnus thinks we brought her home for him. It's so fun to watch them play together and she is so easy going
    about this whole situation.
    John and I could not be any happier and she is amazing. She is the softest bundle of fur, like an angora sweater. We absolutely love her and
    feel so grateful she is our baby girl!!!! Of course I will keep in touch and send pictures and give you updates.
    Warmest regards, Missi
    Thank you Missi.  I laughed when I read your e-mail...and just less than 24 hours after she arrived!  She is truly wonderful.  I know she will
    give you a lifetime of joy.  Follow the link above to see her.

    Hi Patty:
    I hope you are having a fabulous summer. It's been a while since I emailed you an update on Violet and I just wanted to let you know how
    absolutely perfect she is. She is precisely the female kitten we were looking for and then some - my husband will do ANYTHING for her. She
    reminds me of Lassie as she is always communicating and tells us exactly what she wants and leads us around the house. She is a loyal
    companion and loves to be near us always. Magnus still thinks she is his cat and they are the best of friends. Our home is filled with love and
    fun. Her highlight of the day is sitting on John's shoulders and him walking around the house and pool with her on his shoulders. She is
    amazing and so graceful that her middle name is Grace - Violetta Grace.
    I've been forgetting to send you an updated photo of her and now I have something even more special. Our 7 year old neighbor, Caroline, is
    quite smitten with Violet Grace. Caroline has been taking art classes and finally her art teacher let her choose her own subject for her next art
    project. Caroline asked me if she could paint Violet - We were both honored and of course said yes. Caroline presented us with her completed
    artwork yesterday. You can see the photo of Violet in the right hand corner - so sweet and heartwarming!
    I have also attached a candid shot I was able to take of Violet and Magnus together this January. It's going to be our Christmas photo this
    Dear Patty,
    We had both Erer and Yiwu spayed Tuesday, 24 May 2011.  They also had their shot series completed and got a rabies vaccination.  Both
    kittens also needed their anal glands expressed.  Erer weighs 5 lbs while Yiwu is 3.3lbs.  I appreciate knowing that Moe’s grandmother was
    also small but healthy as is Yiwu who is quite an active investigator and a quick purr.  Erer is more subtle, but there when needed albeit a bit
    slower to purr.  Both kittens are at the door along with our dog to greet us when we return from errands.  Erer has established a pleasant
    rapport with Yili; she rubs under the dog’s chin and allows her fur to be sniffed, and then both pat paws.  Yiwu is more reserved, but not
    afraid.  Getting the kittens as young as possible helped the bonding process in the family.
    Both kittens have good appetites and excellent output.  They have outgrown the Royal Canine 1-4 month old canned food and are now trying
    the kitten (1 year) Science Hill, Iams and Eukanuba.  I use the above brand kibbles in various combinations and they enjoy it all as evinced
    by their energy levels.
    It is so nice to have felines in our home again.  As you can see, they discovered the cursor on the screen and want to help Chuck as much as
    possible; he has to shut the door when he has any serious computing to do.  If you ever get anything from us with something like
    “eeedfffffjkkl;’67890” it’s because of kittens on the keyboard.  When they are bored with the cursor and get tired, they like to snuggle.
    Chuck writes later:
    Yes, we are experienced Siamese and Balinese cat owners.  I got Susan a pair of kittens for a wedding present over 50 years ago, and we’ve
    always had two, but not always from the same litter.  After finally succumbing to withdrawal symptoms when our last cat died a couple years
    ago, we contacted you.  We’ve never acquired a pair so young, and – so far – have survived the 5-month-old imps.  They are an absolute
    delight with two distinct personalities – Yiwu is smaller, quick to purr and the most adventuresome; Erer is (much) larger, purrs very softly;
    they both gallop around on the hardwood floor sounding like horses; their antics are precious – attacking themselves, anything that moves or
    causes a noise, and they are always fascinated by those appendages that keep following them.  Just fantastic.
    Another update:
    We didn’t realize you had developed a new breed – Verticus Felinis (“Verticat”).  There is no height to which they will not attempt to leap,
    climb, crawl;  and, of course, like many cats they are lap magnets.  One seems to have bonded with Susan and the other with me.  Their
    personalities are markedly different…one purrs loudly at the drop of a hat while the larger one has a very low rumble like a diesel engine.  
    Like when you have to “child-proof” a house, we have had to “cat-proof” ours by rearranging furniture,
    Getting aquarium tanks for precious articles, and installing plastic sheeting on some cabinets.  They are the most inquisitive and beautifully
    matched pair we’ve ever had; aside from the destructive “crash/bang/clunk” we hear every now and then, they are absolutely precious.  One
    will sit looking out the storm door at rain and utter little squeaks – we can’t wait to see how she’ll handle her first snowfall.  This is one of the
    best videos I’ve seen….
    Hi Susan and Chuck.  It was so good to read all about the 'twins' Yiwu and Erer.  Sounds like Alaska and you were a great fit for them!  See
    pictures of them when you follow the links.  PS- I LOVE your 'tails'.
    Hi Patty,
    This is a recent photo of Meika. She is such a treasure and you did tell us that she was the clown and she is living up to that. When I am
    getting ready for work she likes to look at herself in the mirror. I knew I had to capture this. Meika looks in mirrors and her sister Phoebe
    loves to watch T.V. These babies (that's what we  call them) are the light of our life. They are turning 4 in Oct and I hope I have a birthday
    picture for you. I wish I could talk my husband into 2 more.
    Here is a pretty recent photo of Phoebe. You can see how beautiful she is. She is very verbal, talks all the time and she adores her daddy. She
    follows him around everywhere and the minute he sits down she is on his lap. He adores her also. Its funny to see sometimes how he his with
    her. Thanks again for listening I love being a proud mama.
    Thanks Jan
    Jan, it was wonderful hearing from you.  I'm so glad you have Meika and Phoebe!
    Hi Patty,
    Our little Cody man turned 9 months old earlier this month, so we decided it was time to update his photo collection.  We've attached a few
    pics so you can see how handsome he is!
    You may recall that when we were choosing between the 2 long-hair seal males in his litter, we picked the one that was more active.......Oh,
    My!  He is a bundle of energy, but he is very entertaining and we love him so much!  He is very loving and devoted, and he's everything we
    were hoping for in the Balinese personality.
    His favorite pastimes (in this order):
    1. Terrorism   (Harassing Shelby, our 12-yr-old Blue Point, who loves him anyway when he isn't attacking her)
    2. Bird watching from his perch that looks out into the woods behind our house
    3. Thievery (Relocating our items to different parts of the house)
    4. General Naughtiness, which he combines with so much cuteness & sweetness that he usually gets away with it!
    We've scheduled our first motor home adventure with Cody in a few weeks, which will be a big test for him.  We're hoping he'll be a perfect
    traveler like he was on his long trip home from your house.
    Best Regards,
    Julie, Sue & Cody
    Julie and Sue...I knew when you met me that Cody would have a wonderful life.  Thank you for making him a part of your family!
    Hi Patty!  My name is Lisa and I adopted a kitten from you back in July!  I just wanted to tell you that Murphy is incredibly amazing and is
    growing more beautiful every day.  He has such a wonderful personality, is filled with unconditional love, and never leaves my side when we
    are home together.  I have attached a picture of him with his little toys.  They are these tiny stuffed animals you can get at Target called
    Whimzy Pets.  He carries them around in his mouth and plays fetch with them like a dog.  it is absolutely hilarious, but he loves them so
    much and almost has the entire collection now!  I am always visiting your website and looking for another kitten to adopt so that Murphy
    has a friend to play with.  I plan on adopting another someday, but I am not sure when.  Thank you so much for bringing this little bundle of
    joy into my life!   
    Sincerely, Lisa   
    Thank you Lisa for the update.  I'm glad Murphy has such a loving home and will be thrilled to give another one of my babies a home.  :)  
    I send you photo's of Delilah.  She is nearly 51/2 months and probably gonna get spayed in two weeks.  She is absolutely adorable. ...   She is
    still needy and require at least 2 hours of playtime a day with me, toys just doesn't cut it.  She had her first bath - because she went into the
    fireplace while I was in the shower....  just glad I was home and caught her there otherwise, the carpets .....
    She is very loving, very very talkative, still very picky eater, jumping higher every day and loves being in the car.  Knows who her mommy is
    and a huge mouth in the kitchen, always want something, picky or not.  My friends all love her and she is spoiled rotten, really really rotten.  
    My friend told me she is a real brat, because she demands and gets what she wants.
    Don't know what I did before her, all I know is she's taking up most of my off days....
    Hope all the other kitty's got good homes, I see still a lot of them on your site....
    Wanda, I'm glad Delilah turned out to be everything you wanted.  I knew she'd be special to you when I sent her off to you.  Follow the link
    to see Delilah!  Take care,  Patty
    Delilah (Dee or Lilah depending on naughty or nice) is doing great.  She was definitely not herself after spaying - couldn't settle, and slept
    only 3 hours a day - nearly no cat naps, when I was home.  She left her thousand different meows realizing that the tiny "help me" meows,
    work best.  She definitely has a lot of dog genes in her.  Play fetch very well, catches it in her paws and puts it in her mouth before landing
    and also dribbles a ball like a real soccer player - she loves them.  She visited my friend when I was on leave, and off course now I have to
    send her for playdates since her whole family love her - including their cat and westy named Maggy.  They get along great.  She does love to
    come home after a visit, though.  Definitely gorgeous little lady.  Tons of spunk and personality to die for.  Just love her.  She loves to kiss
    when cuddling with me, but doesn't do it with my friend - knows her mommy.   See there is a little lady for sale that's also grown, well my
    baby looks just like that kitty.
    Might think to get another in a year or so, as a friend for mine, but at the moment she's just enough for me.
    Take care,  Wanda
    From Ron and Jo in  Grand Rapid, Mi.  
    Hi Patty,
    ...Ron and I have fallen totally in love with our new little guy. We love his personality and are getting such a kick out of him. He keeps us
    laughing! And then again, he can be the sweetest thing… so loving and calm and contented. We’ve named him Cacao Bean” and are
    calling him “Cacao.” And he seems to know his name (or he likes the singsong sound of it, maybe) as he has begun answering us when we call
    You were right… Cacao is quite the purr box and is such a love. He mewed a little on our ride home on Tuesday, but since then is nearly silent
    when riding in the car… and we just returned from Cheboygan, so that’s a decent amount of time riding. He’s also very playful, and yes, we’ve
    discovered his love of sitting on shoulders. I’m not sure how that will work once he puts on a few more pounds and gets larger, but right now
    it’s very very cute! Kind of reminds me of a parrot!
    ...please let your son know that we are crazy about his little guy. He did a wonderful job socializing him! Cacao is well loved, even after just
    these few days. He really has blended into our family and I’m not sure what we did without him around. He is also very very smart. You
    should be very proud. He was the right choice for our family!
    Update for Cacao Bean
    I am also attaching a few pictures for you... I need to get you some more recent ones, as he's grown a bit since these were taken, but I
    thought you might enjoy these from his first few weeks with us. We continue to wonder how we managed our lives without him! He is such a
    huge part of our family for such a little guy! His best trick is that he plays fetch with little balls; actually chases after them and brings them
    back directly to us, either dropping them at our feet or into our hands if we're there, hands open for him. How smart is that?!   Joe
    Another update for Cacao Bean
    Hi Patty,
    Not sure if you remember us, but it's been 2 years now that Cacao Bean came home with us and into our lives. An update to you is way past
    Cacao continues to be a joy in our family. He often makes us laugh  with his antics; he is such a great little guy, a wonderful companion.
    We've just returned from 2-1/2 months sailing in the Canadian North  Channel and northern Georgian Bay, and he's a great sailing cat. He
    doesn't much like loud noises (like when we start the engine or winch in our sails) and he's not crazy about rough seas, but after an initial
    complaint, he goes to one of his spots in the aft end of the boat, curls up, and tries to sleep until the boat is at anchor and all is quiet again. I'm
    including a couple of recent photos of our more mature Cacao Bean, so you can see how he's grown.
    Take care,
    Jo & Ron
    Thank you Jo for letting me know how special this little guy is to you.  It sounds like he will have an awesome life with you and your hubby,  
    See pictures when you  Follow the link above.    Patty
    By the time we got home on Tuesday after work the two cats were best buds.  We had a hard time picking a name, but we call him
    should have been lover boy!!!!!!!!
    You weren't kidding, he's MR. mushy!!!!!!!! but I love it!!
    That's why I came back to you, I knew I would get a beautiful, loving cat!
    Thank you,
    I'm so glad you chose him!  He will bring you years of delight!  I'm looking forward to pictures in the future.  Take care, Patty
    I sent you some pictures of Cory. First of all he endured the plane trip wonderfully! Continental is the way to go!  He settled in immediately,
    and is a very intelligent, loving animal. He pats your face with your paw like he's petting you! He has made me so happy. Since we lost our
    Balinese, things have not been the same, until we added another Balinese to our family! The Balinese is a very different breed of cat. Very
    personable and loving, always at your side. That's why we love him. Thanks so much. Hope all is well with you, and yours! Take care!
    Kathy & Rich, Fort Edward, NY
    I glad that Cory survived the plane ride.  I am kind of partial to the Balinese breed too. Ha-ha!  Thank you for giving Cory a wonderful start
    to a forever home!  See Cory on the Past Kittens page.
    Hi Patty, Nemo is still doing wonderful.  He is so spoiled.  Nemo is even starting to warm up to the dog.  There has been a couple more times,
    that we have not been able to find him.  The Finding Nemo name has really fit him. The other day we hadn't seen him for an whole good
    hour, so every one started searching for him.  He normally comes to his name, but no Nemo.  My son ended up finding him in his dresser
    with the drawers closed.  We bought him a (fish pole) toy with a feather and bell on the end of it.  It's his favorite toy.  He tries to get it out of
    our hands, so he can prance off with it.  Like look at me!  Working for a school, I get the summer off.  Nemo has 100% of my attention.   
    We've been having a lot of fun.  He has been a great addition to our family.  Hopefully, later, we will be able to get another addition to our
    UPDATE when Cosmo, Nemo's brother came came:
    Cosmo is doing wonderful.  He goes everywhere in the house.  He has started meowing at us (its a very squeaky meow).  He plays and stays
    close to Nemo.  Although sometimes I think Nemo can be a little bit rougher.  I have even had to separate them for playing to rough ( more
    like Nemo).  Cosmo is much more cuddlier. Nemo cuddles on his own terms.   I think Nemo is larger than Cosmo, but Cosmo has deeper blue
    eyes.  We are enjoying them so much.  I'm very glad we did it.  Talk to you later.
    I love the fact the Nemo helped you pick his name.  It sounds like he is adjusting well!  See his and Cosmo's pictures on the Past Kittens
    page.  Thank you Chris and Marvin for giving them a good home!  Patty
    Hi Patty:
    Cleo (Cleopatra) our kitten, who is almost a year old now is doing well.
    She gets along wonderfully with our other cat scooter.  She likes to sit in your lap and she likes lots of attention.  She is also a very vocal cat.  
    I did get her fixed last December and will get the paperwork sent to you soon.  Thank you so much for the wonderful kitten
    Cleo looks so content and happy with her friend Scooter.  Thanks for giving Cleo a wonderful home!   Patty    See Cleo on the 'Past Kittens'
    Hello Patty,   Molly is doing great! She wakes us up every morning licking our heads…we’re kinda trying to break her of that habit J She is
    extremely affectionate, she runs back and forth between us, like she can’t decide who she wants to pet her (me or my husband). She likes Cali,
    but Cali is still trying to get used to her…they’re coming along pretty good. Rob’s nickname for her is squeaky because of her really soft meow!
    It’s so cute! She getting used to us holding her…but still prefers to sit on our laps. We’ll try and take some pictures soon and send them to
    you. Thank you again for her!  Hope everything is going great!  Rachel  
    I'll be looking forward to your new pictures of Molly.  Thank you for giving Molly such a wonderful home!
    Hi Patty!  I purchased a fabulous male chocolate point from you about 3 years ago. Kazmir is such a sweetheart; I love him to bits.
    Anyways, I am considering getting a second cat to keep him (and me of course!) company. My mother's Siamese cat, Chai, has been living
    with me for the past few years, but that living situation is going to end when I move out of state later this summer.  I'm interested in possibly
    getting a female kitten and wanted to contact you to see if you will have any available in the next 3 months or so. I also wondered what your
    current sale price is. I've attached a couple pictures of Kazmir with his girlfriend Chai. Thanks!
    Thanks Candice for the wonderful update on Kazmir and girlfriend Chai.  The loss of Chai I'm sure will take a toll on your heart.  Pictures of
    Kazmir are on the 'Past Kittens' page.  :)  Patty
    Hey Patty I just wanted to update you on my two friends Sparty and Sabrina. Well they are finally best friends after some hissing and
    fighting. Sparty is doing very well he is full grown and a big boy. He is so sweet and gentle towards everybody that comes to visit. The cats
    follow me everywhere I go always. They are like having little dogs around. Then there is Sabrina the little girl with the limp. She is a monster
    but in a good way. She is very well liked by everybody and is getting along rather well considering her condition. You were definitely right
    about girl cats and their personalities! Both her and Sparty chase each other through the house usually starting about 6PM and they wrestle
    and rough house till it's time to go to bed. It's kind of funny because you can be in the other room and hear them wrestling and banging up
    against the walls! I am amazed at how hard cats play with each other. They never hurt each other and they are best friends five minutes after
    chewing on each other. Sabrina has gained about two pounds and she really has no noticeable signs of being disabled other than her slight
    limp. I took her to the vet a while back the vet told me that he has never seen such beautiful deep dark blue eyes on an animal before. I am
    very grateful you let me have her and she is very happy to be here with Sparty. I am so glad I found your ad in the paper a while back. You
    really do breed beauty and personality in your cats! I don't have any good pictures of the cat right now but I will try to take some to send to
    you. I hope everything is going well with you. Take care, Brent
    I finally have some pictures for you. As you probably already know these guys are hard to get a good picture of. You will see that every time
    I open the dryer to put in another load of clothes I have to check for any cats first! Enjoy thanks, Brent
    Brent, I'm so glad you were able to have Sabrina with her disability.  It's rare when someone would take on such an unsure task.  They are
    both beautiful and they sounds spunky.  I'm happy they bring you such joy!      See Past Kittens Page for pictures of Sparty and Sabrina.
    Hi Patti-
    We just wanted to give you an update!  Lucy the kitty we got almost a year ago at your place in Kalamazoo is doing great.  She enjoys
    following around our other cat named Oscar here in Iowa.  They are rarely spotted apart.  We love her dearly and we wanted to send you
    some updated pictures with her new friend Oscar.  Thanks again!
    Lucy looks very happy with her new found friend Oscar.  Thanks for the update Colleen!  See Lucy on the "Past Kittens Page."
    We named the boys Razz and Jazz.  I have the long-hair and he is my pal.  Nicest cat I've ever had.  He loves to sit on my chest at night in
    bed and just purr away.  Not sure why he likes that place, but keeps me warm this time of year!  He also like to play by biting my fingers.  
    He is a real character.
    Mom's cat is just a real pal too.  Sweet and in love with one of my mom's cats.  They are a real pair.  He also likes to sit on your chest and
    My daughter loves them both.  We will try to take some pictures for you.  Will stay in touch.  Hope all is well with you.  Val
    From Valarie in Allegan, MI and her Mom Charlotte in Lecanto, FL
    Razz and Jazz sound like they are welcomed company in your homes.  It does my heart good to know when my babies have found loving
    homes.  Thanks for your update Val!  Patty
    Hello Patty,
    This is Rachel  from Chicago. I just wanted to send you these pics and update you about Koko! She’s doing great! So loving and adorable!
    She has her extreme playful moments, that’s when my husband calls her the flying squirrel, as she is in the air more than she is on the ground.
    But it’s so cute! The vet says she’s healthy and has already gained two pounds since we got her. She is so intelligent also! She has a ball that
    she plays fetch with and when she is done, she will go and put it away in her hiding spot.
    I hope everything is going well. I’ll try and keep you updated on how she’s doing.
    Rachel, thank you so much for the pictures you sent of your kitty's.  It sounds like Koko got a wonderful home and looks very content!  Take
    care, Patty
    Hi Patty,
    Just wanted to let you know that "our" balisi baby boy passed his physical with flying colors. He (Alexander of MyBali Si...Xander for short)
    has been de-wormed twice now and is filling out nicely. What a playful and loveable scamp he is. Out of necessity, new life has been breathed
    into my 9 year old seal point, and 5 year old male lilac point, but the truth be known: my girl could do rather nicely   without him!  Kids, who
    needs 'um?
    Xander suckles my adult boy whenever poor Oliver will tolerate such indignation. Thank you and Meika for producing such a gorgeous baby
    boy. I'll send pics when my camera is charged.
    Becky, thanks so much for your lovely note about your baby.  I'm so glad you are happy...and I'm sure he will  always be too!  Patty
    Hi Patty,
    She talks to us constantly just to make sure we are listening and she is the best companion possible for her 3 year old adoptive brother from
    the shelter, Ernie.  We tried to "train" her to go to the window and chatter when there are "birdies" outside, but instead, she thinks she is just
    supposed to stay where she is and chatter.  She can't even see the birds, but if we ask if there are birdies, she chatters like crazy!  Our home is
    never quiet with her around.  Thank you so much for the best Christmas gift ever.  I would be so lonely without her.
    Jessica and Chris, Dayton, OH
    PS- we are moving to our first house in Bolingbrook, IL a suburb of Chicago in a month.  We are so excited for Jasmine to have all the room
    she wants to play in our 1800 sq. ft house!  She will love it!
    Jessica, thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story of you, Chris, Jasmine and Ernie.  It does my heart good to know how much my
    babies are loved as they share their lives with you!   Patty.
    From Scarlet – Tucson, AZ
    Dear Patty,
    Do you remember me?  I bought Twinkles and Daffodil, the Balinese sisters from you in  2003.  My Twinkles was a blue point, My Daffodil
    a seal.  They are the light of my life...
    ANOTHER UPDATE ON Daffodil and Twinkles:
    Patty, I love my babies.  Everybody gets along beautifully.  They all have their own little quirks and their own little personalities.  My
    Daffodil likes to sit on the couch and smack the dog as she walks by. Twinkles steals.  Anything on the counter in the bathroom usually ends
    upon the floor, thanks to Twinkles.  Also, she nurses a large mole that the dog has on her belly.  Poor dog keeps flashing me these "Why
    ME?" looks.
    Oh I am so thankful I reached you.  I would not consider buying another Balinese or Siamese from anyone but MyBali Si.
    It sounds like you have a real love for animals!  I will be looking forward to letting you adopt another baby.
    Thank you Scarlet for loving my babies!   Patty
    From Linda - Columbus, Ohio
    Please feel free to share with others how much joy  Davie has brought into my home.   He is gorgeous of course but his personality is what
    makes him very special.  He likes to play and wrestle with me or with the older cats while at the same time he is careful not to hurt or scratch
    anyone.  He is very independent while also giving and sharing love with myself and my Senior Siamese whom he grooms daily.  Davie is an
    active cat while also being very mellow.  I’m glad he picked me out that day I came to look for a Seal Point and fell for him instead.
    Oh and I just found my battery charger.  It had been being used as a cat toy.   I tried to figure out where I would have put it if I were Davie.  
    Thanks Linda for all the care you've taken with Davie.    Patty
    From Marcia in Augusta, MI
    Thought I would send Stuarts latest picture so you could see how good looking he is getting to be.  Had him neutered  last week and he is
    doing good.  Stuart has gone from 1.1# to 4.5#;s and is a real terror, but we love him to death.
    Thanks so much Marcia.  I know he is happy out at the lake with you. Patty
    From GeneAnn - MI
    I adore my little Luna. She’s funny and lively – you should see her skidding across the kitchen floor – I swear she runs as fast as she can to in
    order to skid as far as she can. She is not afraid of much and gets use to loud noises (toilet, washer, dishwasher, etc) quickly. She doesn't much
    like the vacuum, but at least her tail doesn't puff up like it did the first time I ran it!   Thank you so much for this new joy in my life. Rest
    assured she is in good hands!
    What a wonderful update on Luna.  I'm so pleased you and her are happy!   Patty
    From Janet - Jackson, MI
    Thank you so much for this kitten.  She follows me around like a puppy and chews on our dogs lips.   During my Chemo, she is ever-present.  
    She sleeps under the covers between my legs and if I get up in the night, she comes and sits on my lap.  She brings great joy and
    companionship to my life.  In fact, she is standing in front of my screen right now talking to me, making it a little hard to type.
    Mike and Janet
    I'm so happy to hear that Isabel brings you so much pleasure and comfort. I know she has a good home.  Take care,  Patty  
    From Kathleen - Chicago, IL
    ... I have to tell you that Kiki is the most wonderful gentle girl cat.  She never bears her claws and is so gentle with Thai.  Thai. However, is a
    total nut.  That little guy has character to burn and we think he has ADD, you know Attention Deficit Disorder.  He is non stop when he is
    awake and runs so much I don’t see how he is ever going to gain weight.  He makes us laugh every day.  He loves Kiki but will not leave her
    alone one minute.  Just wants to play.  He is so very loving and will go to anyone anytime.  He is a pure treasure!!  I am still waiting to get
    some extra good pictures for you.  Thanks for checking in.  
    It was a real pleasure placing Kiki and Thai with you and your Mom.  I know they will be loved for life with you and Mary.   Patty
    I thought I'd give you another update on Sophie. Our cats love her and the three of them play and sleep together. She has fit in so nicely and
    has a sweet loving personality. We couldn't have gotten a nicer kitty. I would recommend your cats to everyone. Thanks again.
    Thanks for letting us know how much you care for Sophie.  I'm so glad that she is social to your other babies as well as to you!  Patty
Enjoy  some  stories  from  MyBali  Si's  Kitty  owners