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Enjoy some stories from MyBali Si kitten owners

Hi Patty!        I do believe Hypatia is the perfect cat. That’s not to say she doesn’t have ordinary little slip-ups (like when she knocked over my coffee while rooting around on the table) , of course she does (that’s part of what makes a cat). It’s just that she is the perfect balance of cuddly, funny, independent, and loyal. She is starting to really find her voice too! Whenever she wants to get in my room she will sit outside the door and audibly demand entry. She is all too happy to show how much she loves us, and in return we try to spoil her the best we can. Like I said in the last email, Hypatia is my shadow, and I couldn’t be happier. She is truly my companion and one of the lights of my life.                Hugs and meows,  Charlotte and Hypatia

Patty,     Since we recently celebrated Sassy Blu’s 1st birthday, we thought we should finally send your our testimony!               Sassy Blu has been the best addition to our family!  She is playful, sweet and very talkative!  From day 1, she has loved to play, especially with, in or on boxes.  We have taught Sassy to sit, speak, shake and high five!  She is so smart!  We love it when she is in stalker mode with her toys and does a little butt wiggle before attacking.  She loves to watch the birds and squirrels outside through the window and on nice days when we have the windows open, she talks to them through the screen.  We couldn’t imagine our family without her!We love her so much that Bailey is interested in getting her a buddy.  We were thinking of a boy, but what would you recommend?                Nathan, Joni, Bailey and Mallory

Hi Patty!     Hypatia recently got spayed and she’s recovering wonderfully.    She was back to her cuddly and funny self just two days after the surgery.   She is so beautiful we can hardly believe it!   Since I’ve moved home for summer break she has been my constant shadow; it is so nice to be followed around by a fluffy little purr-box.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Sending good wishes and love from Hypatia,      Charlotte

Hi Patty.   We’ve been meaning to write you a note to tell you about our babies at 14 weeks.  They are beyond adorable.  And it was a wonderful idea to adopt two at one time.  May and Frank adore one another.  They are never far apart.  Those two have an amazing  amount of energy.  I wish I could bottle it. We love how affectionate they are with each other and with both my husband and I.  When they slow down, they’re usually cuddling next to me or sitting on Rick’s lap.  They have had some wild wrestling matches in our bed when we’ve been trying to get to sleep or stay asleep, but they’re good for a lot of laughs. Our home is pretty cat-proofed, but there has been a few times when we’ve had to get out the squirt gun, and they certainly recognize the first squirt. They’ve had one trip to the veterinarian at 10 weeks and she gave them high marks.  Our only question is about how soft their meow is. Is that a trait of the breed?   
 Thank you again for  breeding  such delightful critters.  We could not be happier.
                                   Marilyn and Rick 

Patty,    Our cat that we bought from you will be 2 years old tomorrow and we just adore her.  I have attached a picture so you can see how beautiful she has become.  She likes to follow us around like a dog.  She also have a very nice personality.  She is pretty easy going.  Does not complain and likes to snuggle.      We are thrilled to have her.    Laura

Hi Patty,      Just a few pics of our tortie girl.   Missy is almost 17 weeks and just got fixed last week and she is recovering well.   She’s very sweet and loves to spend a lot of time on my lap.    She’s up really late and up early so we are struggling to get good sleep. 🙂    She gets lots of playtime and loves to shove her toys under the pantry door.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Thanks for our girl! Hope all is well with you!      Best,    Pam and Ken

Hi Patty!    Just wanted to tell you the kitten (we named him Ari) is doing great!  He’s such a friendly and affectionate little guy!  He’s eating/drinking/using the litter box regularly.  He and Cyrus haven’t spent much time together yet as we’re keeping them fairly separate for now but they’ve heard and smelled each other and they seem very interested.  We took Ari to the vet today for a check-up and they said he was adorable and in great health!  I’ll send another update again soon!   Thank you!       Sara                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Update:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Hi Patty!   We introduced Cyrus and Ari and within one day they were playing and napping together!  Cyrus seems so happy to have a little buddy to play and chase and I think having Cyrus helped Ari quickly learn his way around our house.  Here’s a picture of them looking out one of the windows and simultaneously sniffing the sill, haha!   Sara

Hi Patty,    I have been meaning to send you some updated pictures of Kalliope.    She is such a sweetheart, a bit crazy at times and has a tremendous amount of energy, but has been a great addition to our household.      With that said, we mayyyyyyyyy be considering purchasing a new kitten and would love to do so with you but we are very dead set on what we would want, which would be a long haired blue point Lynx Ballinese little girl.                                                                 So if you could keep us in mind we would greatly appreciate it and hope you enjoy some updated pictures of Kalliope.  Jason

Patty,   Mai-Hem’s first night home was perfect!  I set up his cat box when we got home he promptly used it.  Food was next and he gobbled it down.   Cruised around the house decided under the couch was a good place to go when he heard an unfamiliar sound. That was only for a moment or two then he was out again.      Bedtime came and I placed him on the bed he promptly jumped down. I decided I was going to sleep and if he wanted back up he could cry and wake me up.    (I have a Tommy Bahama hi poster bed).I woke up at 2am only to find him snuggled under the covers with me.                                                                          When I got up at 7am he decided to sleep in and stayed in bed until 8 then got up and promptly ate breakfast and then had a mice and feather play hour.              I don’t feel any homesickness here… Val


Hi Patty
Mai-Hem has grown into one handsome kitty.     He has many dog friends that stop by in the neighborhood and is becoming a seasoned traveler.   He goes everywhere with me and once through security nobody knows he is with me he is comfortable and quite on the plane.
He is getting his cone of shame next Friday.
Mai-Hem is everything and more of what I hoped he would be he brings me a mountain of joy daily.
Thank you,   Val

Hi Patty!  Just giving you an update, I decided to name my kitty Luna. She’s so sweet and super talkative! I’ve never met a cat that talks as much as her! I’m currently trying to teach her not to get on the kitchen counter, but she insists. She is lovely and is growing so fast.   Shea

Hi Patty,  Hypatia is doing so well and has been helping us through a lot of hard times right now. She’s more funny and loving every day. She is precisely what you promise your kitties to be; loving, funny, and full of personality. Here’s a few photos.  Charlotte

Greetings, Patty!
Our baby is almost 6 months old and he was successfully neutered today, 4/12/21. The last photo shows the signed proof of neuter. Link is the best thing that’s happened to our family this year—he’s changed our lives for the better. We absolutely adore him and we can’t thank you enough for providing him with the best possible start in life!!!! We never knew having a kitty would be this amazing. He’s the sweetest boy imaginable. We love him more than words can describe. The boys help take such good care of him. Hope you are doing well and staying healthy.

Hi Patty!
Just wanted to send you an update to let you know how much we are loving our new baby boy! He fits perfectly in our family and we are all so lucky to have him in our lives. He’s doing amazing, eating & sleeping great, playing up a storm, and loving all the cuddles and fun we are having together. Our dog, Dudley, is so gentle and sweet with Link and accepted him right away. We always keep our eyes on Link and Dudley and there’s plenty of love and attention to go around. He’s growing like a weed and his first vet appointment is this Thursday 1/14. What was his weight when we picked him up on 1/2? We will definitely keep you updated as he grows and send you photos from time to time. He’s such a special boy and it’s apparent that he was raised by a wonderful mother, Faith, and you! Thank you for pouring so much love, time, effort and care into your cat families. We are truly thankful and Link is such a bright light for us! We will cherish him forever.
Sincerely,  Julie

I thought I would let you know what a delight Sophia is. She has really mended our hearts after the loss of our previous cat. She has
doubled in size and weight in 2 short weeks. She is adjusting really well. She is very sweet and likes to be around us when we are around.
Does not seem to have a problem when we leave her for several hours during the day.. Loves to play with balls, string, and small cat toys.
She is still getting used to the house. Thanks heavens she has no interest in going outside as of yet. It has been so nice to work with you and
we are so pleased with our new addition.
Laura and John

… I have to tell you that Kiki is the most wonderful gentle girl cat. She never bears her claws and is so gentle with Thai. Thai. However, is a
total nut. That little guy has character to burn and we think he has ADD, you know Attention Deficit Disorder. He is non stop when he is
awake and runs so much I don’t see how he is ever going to gain weight. He makes us laugh every day. He loves Kiki but will not leave her
alone one minute. Just wants to play. He is so very loving and will go to anyone anytime. He is a pure treasure!! I am still waiting to get
some extra good pictures for you. Thanks for checking in.

Thank you so much for this kitten. She follows me around like a puppy and chews on our dogs lips. During my Chemo, she is ever-present.
She sleeps under the covers between my legs and if I get up in the night, she comes and sits on my lap. She brings great joy and
companionship to my life. In fact, she is standing in front of my screen right now talking to me, making it a little hard to type.
Mike and Janet

I adore my little Luna. She’s funny and lively – you should see her skidding across the kitchen floor – I swear she runs as fast as she can to in
order to skid as far as she can. She is not afraid of much and gets use to loud noises (toilet, washer, dishwasher, etc) quickly. She doesn’t much
like the vacuum, but at least her tail doesn’t puff up like it did the first time I ran it! Thank you so much for this new joy in my life. Rest
assured she is in good hands!

Please feel free to share with others how much joy Davie has brought into my home. He is gorgeous of course but his personality is what
makes him very special. He likes to play and wrestle with me or with the older cats while at the same time he is careful not to hurt or scratch
anyone. He is very independent while also giving and sharing love with myself and my Senior Siamese whom he grooms daily. Davie is an
active cat while also being very mellow. I’m glad he picked me out that day I came to look for a Seal Point and fell for him instead.
Oh and I just found my battery charger. It had been being used as a cat toy. I tried to figure out where I would have put it if I were Davie.

Dear Patty,
Do you remember me? I bought Twinkles and Daffodil, the Balinese sisters from you in 2003. My Twinkles was a blue point, My Daffodil was
a seal. They are the light of my life…
ANOTHER UPDATE ON Daffodil and Twinkles:
Patty, I love my babies. Everybody gets along beautifully. They all have their own little quirks and their own little personalities. My
Daffodil likes to sit on the couch and smack the dog as she walks by. Twinkles steals. Anything on the counter in the bathroom usually ends
upon the floor, thanks to Twinkles. Also, she nurses a large mole that the dog has on her belly. Poor dog keeps flashing me these “Why ME?” looks.
Oh I am so thankful I reached you. I would not consider buying another Balinese or Siamese from anyone but MyBali Si.

Hi Patty,
Just wanted to let you know that “our” balisi baby boy passed his physical with flying colors. He (Alexander of MyBali Si…Xander for short)
has been de-wormed twice now and is filling out nicely. What a playful and loveable scamp he is. Out of necessity, new life has been breathed
into my 9 year old seal point, and 5 year old male lilac point, but the truth be known: my girl could do rather nicely without him! Kids, who
needs ‘um?
Xander suckles my adult boy whenever poor Oliver will tolerate such indignation. Thank you and Meika for producing such a gorgeous baby
boy. I’ll send pics when my camera is charged.

We named the boys Razz and Jazz. I have the long-hair and he is my pal. Nicest cat I’ve ever had. He loves to sit on my chest at night in
bed and just purr away. Not sure why he likes that place, but keeps me warm this time of year! He also like to play by biting my fingers.
He is a real character.
Mom’s cat is just a real pal too. Sweet and in love with one of my mom’s cats. They are a real pair. He also likes to sit on your chest and purr.
My daughter loves them both. We will try to take some pictures for you. Will stay in touch. Hope all is well with you.  Val